J. Chris Ford, Ph.D.

IP2Mkt Founder, Principal Scientist, FIU Applied Research Center

Dr. J. Chris Ford is an experienced entrepreneur, researcher, and expert in building inclusive innovation ecosystems and programs for intellectual property monetization for Federal agencies, universities, corporations, and investors. Dr. Ford has incubated or advised more than 100 patent based ventures spanning Energy, BioTech, Cyber, and Software.  Dr. Ford is proud graduate of Morehouse College (B.S. Mathematics/DDEngr) and Georgia Tech (ME, Ph.D.).


Johnson Okoduwa Imumbhon

Graduate Research Assistant

Johnson received his B.Eng. degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Benin and an M.Sc. in Engineering Management from Florida International University. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering at Florida International University. Johnson has served as an IP2MKt graduate research assistant and fellow since 2018. Using Python, he contributed to the discovery and non-trivial classification of intellectual property into economic categories for entrepreneurial purposes.

Jared Longmire

IP2Mkt Alumni

Jared Longmire was Florida International University graduate student completed a MS in Computer Engineering. Jared  previously worked as a Systems Integrator for Mission Analysis at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. He holds a BS in Physics and Astronomy from Georgia State. Jared served as IP2Mkt Graduate Research Assistant contributing to the  initiative through java based application development.

Frantz Paul

I)P2Mkt Alumni

Frantz Paul graduated with BS and MS in Computer Science from Florida International University. Frantz served as IP2Mkt Graduate Research Assistant 2020-2021

Irene Varela

IP2Mkt Alumni

Irene was MSEM student completing the Engineering Entrepreneurship Track. Irene  contributed to the IP2Mkt program through an independent study on venture capital, inclusion, and related access to capital issues for Black and Brown tech entrepreneurs. She holds a BS in Civil Engineering and works for the Florida Department of Transportation as a Project Manager.