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What is IP To Market?

IP-to-Market (IP2Mkt) is an ongoing initiative to increase the intellectual property utilization, innovation and tech entrepreneurship rates of  underrepresented groups. The IP2Mkt program builds upon previous funding from the U.S. Department of Energy and is currently funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce-Economic Development Agency. Managed by FIU Applied Research Center in collaboration with  Start Up FIU, the IP2Mkt program features business incubator/accelerator programs, workshops, graduate student fellowships, and events.  IP2Mkt lives at the bleeding edge of inclusive tech entrepreneurship. With patented technologies central to all programming, IP2Mkt seeks to extract the value of intellectual property stemming from Federal labs, universities, and industry. Entrepreneurs with patented technology are more likely to receive grant funding, access venture capital, and are more valuable. Underrepresented groups (women and minorities) have had low participation rates in intellectual property creation and tech transfer. This contributes to low tech entrepreneurship rates and poor capitalization. In the evolving new normal, it is paramount that all groups take advantage of the convergence of technology, new industries, fresh capital, and ripe markets. Our vision is materially grow the innovation economy in Florida and beyond.  Our mission is to assist in the transition and development of patented technologies into new ventures and products while developing a science and technology entrepreneurial workforce.

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